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What Is Home Arcade Games?

Well, we’re an online gaming website dedicated to arcade games that you can play from the comfort of your couch or on the go via your mobile device, and do it at no cost. That’s right: all of the games that we focus on are completely free to play for as long as you want.

Our Game Library

When we opened our virtual doors, our game library was about 100 unique titles strong. That was pretty impressive at the time. Today, our selection includes several thousand unique games, and we continue to add new games each week. In fact, we’re currently on a streak of adding at least one new game each day for more than a year. We host all kinds of games, from Call of Duty-style multiplayer games to casino slot machines that you can play with funny money.

How Do We Decide What Games Get In?

Some online arcades manicure their game selections, but that wasn’t the approach we wanted to take. We never want to make the call that a game is objectively bad. We also won’t eliminate games based on their underlying technologies, such as Adobe Flash or Java.

Making Sense of a Gazillion Games

So our approach to accepting games does mean we have a lot of them, but that’s OK because we also have a plan to get through them. First off, we tag every new game we add. Tags can represent genres, such as FPS or puzzle game, but also characteristics. You can use these tags to search for games. We also have a rating system, and each member can rate any game in our library, and you can sort by these ratings.


We’re not just an arcade. We’re also a community, and one of the ways we’ve nurtured this community is through leaderboards. Playing an arcade game is a lot more fun when you’re competing against friends and trying to get your initials up on the board. We support leaderboards for almost every game in our library, including those games that don’t have built-in leaderboard functionality.

Personalize Your Arcade

Membership is free, and each member gets his or her own arcade space. You can use this space to prioritize the games and leaderboards that interest you most. You’ll also receive personal message from friends and notifications when someone has topped your high score. You can also subscribe to games, which means that you’ll be alerted to patches, sequel releases and more.

The gameroofs.com Community

We also have a live chat feature that you can use to chat globally, with people playing the same game you are or with just friends. Our site has message boards as well, and each game in our library has its own dedicated forum. You’ll find us on Twitter too. We host a weekly podcast that covers our newest games, and our weekend Twitch streams are a great excuse to come together, play games and shoot the breeze.


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