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gameroofs is an online gaming site dedicated to recreational enjoyment. Our company provides exceptional online gaming experiences to every visitor. Privacy is very important to our users, and we work hard to create policies that respect the privacy of all visitors. We provide site users with a comprehensive privacy policy that clearly articulates the methods we use to collect information, the way we store information and the limits on how we share information. We inform users about the restrictions we have in place to protect your information against interception by unauthorized third parties. We use various methods to protect your data during transit, and we provide on-site protection at the location where the data is stored. As a disclaimer, it is important to understand that these precautions conform to the highest standards available; however, we must also inform our users about the fact that it is never possible to completely guarantee the safety of any information traveling across the Internet.

The Information We Collect

Our company strives to improve and enhance your online gaming experiences by providing a variety of tools, upgrades and service improvements on our site. Any information that is collected will be used exclusively for the purpose of creating the best possible online gaming system available. In order to meet this obligation, we provide this privacy policy that covers all of the essential aspects of our information-collecting activities. Our company may use a variety of technologies that can collect information about your browser, bounce rate, click history, page views and other forms of interaction. We can collect any personal information that you provide voluntarily to us on our site. This could be information that you enter into our comments sections, surveys or contact forms. We are allowed to collect your personal information only if you enter it into these areas, but we do not share this information with anyone. We can collect your name, email address, phone number, location information and other personal data only if you provide it voluntarily. We also have internal controls in place in order to protect this data from being intercepted by staff members, employees and any temporary workers.

How We Collect and Use Your Data

The methods we use to collect information conform to the standards practiced by the most secure online Internet sites. This may include the use of browser cookies and other tracking technologies commonly used to produce analytic data sets. For example, we may monitor the length of time you stay on a page, any links you click and particular games you use. We may also use unique device identification tools to determine whether you are using a mobile device or a laptop computer. This may allow us to determine the kind of operating system you are using, which can trigger certain device-appropriate features from our online gaming site. We can also use this data to provide updated features to your device. We may also use technologies like pixel tags to enhance the performance of our gaming features. Responsiveness is an important factor in online gaming, and we use a variety of tools to ensure that you will always enjoy a seamless experience. We restrict the use of any data we collect to serve the goal of providing you with interesting content, innovations and related information.

Browser Settings for Privacy

You can alter some of your browser settings to restrict the amount of information we can collect about your computer when you visit our site. However, this may affect the experience you have while enjoying online games from gameroofs. You can modify the browser settings in order to restrict our site’s access to cookies, or you can ask the browser to alert you every time a site tries to store a cookie on your hard drive. We advise you to learn how to control your web browser settings in order to reduce your exposure to data theft. We may use any information you allow us to collect in order to provide you with an optimal gaming experience. We may also use your data to design various types of features that are relevant to your interests.

How We Store Information

We are committed to providing our users with all of the information necessary to make informed decisions about how to use our services. In addition to all of the safeguards we employ to protect your data, we also use the most trusted internal security protocols within our company to ensure that your privacy is protected at all times. These procedures are well-defined in scope and scale, and they include many auditing practices used at the highest levels within this industry. We routinely test and refine these security protocols to ensure that you are protected at all times. This process includes backup measures that can restore data in the event of a system failure, and these protocols also ensure that your data will not be lost even if our physical servers are damaged. The security of our internal systems also contribute to the overall safety of your data, and our buildings are constantly monitored to protect your data against any intrusions, breaches or unauthorized access. All of our employees are trained to comply with the legal requirements designed to protect users against any form of data theft, and we update these security measures as often as necessary to provide you with continuous protection.

Restrictions on Sharing Information

Our services depend on the use of certain types of information that is stored inside of cookies, which are small pieces of code that are temporarily stored on your hard drive. When you visit our site, this information is recorded, and it can be retrieved in order to identify you as a returning visitor. These cookies may also contain data about your previous activity on our website, and this can assist us in our efforts to improve your experience through various customized options. Although we depend on browser cookies to provide you with an optimal gaming experience, we do not use this information for any other purpose. This means that we do not share any information collected by browser cookies with any third party, employee, temp worker or outside agency.

Protecting Your Data in Transit

Our extensive system of internal controls is designed to safeguard the physical site where your information is stored. We encourage visitors to learn more about data packets to understand the limitations of our ability to protect data in transit. We do everything possible to decrease the possibility that your data might be intercepted while traveling across the Internet. We encrypt our website and any outgoing data packets using Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL. This is the highest standard of encryption available, and this allows us to provide our customers with a reasonable amount of assurance that your data will be safe.

However, there are many ways to intercept these data packets, and we have no way of providing you with a complete guarantee that your information will not be intercepted at any time. This comprehensive privacy policy addresses the common risks associated with enjoying online gaming on the Internet. The only time we may deviate from the terms of this privacy policy is in the rare event that a legal entity requires us to comply with a legal statute. Any other disclosures can be made only if you provide written consent. Privacy laws are in place to protect you from most of the common situations that apply to online gaming in particular and Internet browsing in general. We strive to maintain compliance with our legal obligations while providing an enhanced user experience. For more information see at


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